My name is Milissa Hudepohl. I am a content marketer on the prowl for my next big career move.

From my resume, you will see I have a very broad — yet solid — skill set, the reason being I am curious. I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a fascination for the diversity of the human experience. Aside from my passion for writing and storytelling, this is what has led me to become the journalist and content marketer I am today. Through such industries, I have been given the opportunity to study various cultures and interests, human behaviors and interactions.

Also, I am a creative writer, specializing in flash fiction. This has only added to my success as a content marketer, allowing me to become a wordsmith with an incredible eye for detail, one who can develop distinguished brand voices, create emotional appeal and move audiences into action.

Furthermore, I excel at using both sides of my brain — I value research and data analysis as much as I value imagination and artistry. There is more to content marketing than the words you see before you. There is strategy derived from studying and predicting audience behavior. And, that is what is most rewarding about content marketing — being able to fully optimize your efforts in order to, not only achieve business objectives, but to address the audience's concerns and add value to their lives.

Now, I am sure it is quite obvious that I am a passionate, energetic person who takes pride in her career. I am currently looking for a journalism or content marketing position in the Cincinnati or Tampa area. If you are interested in developing a professional relationship, please do not hesitate to email me at milissamarie@gmail.com. Enjoy!

(NOTE: My portfolio is currently under construction. Check back for more writing samples!)